Saturday, February 10, 2024

3 Random Things - Week 12

Impromptu bungle.

My love story with low minimum pass mark, no negative marking, objective exams continues. This time it was for a certification to sell insurance, which is now apparently mandatory in banks. If you are having trouble imagining an example of such an exam, think about the driving license learners exam. These things are effectively a survey. You can choose options at random, and the result is exactly what they want it to be. In this case, the certification of the individual.

Anyways, it is never about the destination, but the journey. Likewise, this week's story is not about the test, but the journey to the test center and back. The center was at an institute in the main road along Thammannam in Kochi. Kochi-ites will know that it is not the ideal place to park a car.

So, I parked my car at Palarivattom Metro Station, took an auto for the 3km ride and ended up paying a whimsical Rs.70.

After the exam, I had some extra time to spare till Ammu and Appu reached. I decided to save the seventy rupees. So, in the not-so-wise words of Marshall from HIMYM, I said, "I can walk that far."

Remember - despite running that 10k marathon that one time all those years ago - recently, I've been actively avoiding any activity which would require me to get up from where I was sitting. This one journey would probably beat the sum total of the distance I would have covered in a non-mall environment in the entirety of 2023.

Well, I did finish the walk unscathed. And this week's random things are the from the walk.


1. Gym

It is good to know that, unlike me, other people are more interested in their health. This is evident from the number of Gyms I saw on this short walk (SHORT!!!). I counted up to four before I lost interest. And there was a common trend, beyond the photos of the barely covered chiseled bodies up front. All of these Gyms were located on the top most floor of their buildings - buildings, which were mostly three/four stories in height, and wouldn't have elevators. It seems like there's a daily entrance exam for going to the gym.

2. Nose job

If you are regularly travelling faster than the speed with which your brain recognises the scents picked up by your nose, you might be inclined to believe that your nose is not doing it's job. So, this walk gave me an opportunity to realise how much I've been missing. The mouthwatering smell that originates when crispy chips are fried in oil, or the smell from the various trays at the local bakery, or freshly brewed coffee at the tea shop, or the aroma from the perfume shop - you need time to take in and appreciate these smells.

3. Net zero

Well, you guessed it. I spent the money I would have spent on the return auto ride on pastries and soft drinks. Come to think of it, I might have gained calories at the end of the walk.


P.P.S. Car parking at Palarivattom Metro Station was free. At least, I think so. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


So, that's all for this week then.
Have a great weekend!!
'til next week.

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